Avocado Heaven
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Welcome to this shrine to the most feared and loathed necessity this world has to offer.

Whether you know it as the Pan, the John or the Dunny, you have probably had call to use the water closet and could -if pushed - recall a time when, horror of horrors, the Public Convenience was less than convenient.

Regardless of how such memories effect you; whether they fill you with embarassed dread or instill a steely determination to never be caught short again; if you empathise with the plight of the innocent unable to answer natures call, this is the site for you.

Here you will find reviews and details of public conveniences across the globe; complete with pictorial evidence and many other useful factors.

The opinions here are purely personal to the individual agents of www.pan-o-rama.co.uk and should in no way be taken as defamatory or negative in any way. We all share a love/hate relationship with the Pan and the purpose of this site is to celebrate that relationship.